You guys should totally come check us out and maybe send in a question or an app!

You should come check us out if you're looking for a fun new idea, tons of popular roles open, and a great group of people!


mmmfornication asked:

Hey! This is a new rp and I was wondering if you'd 'promote' us and if you'd like to be affiliates? Thank you!

Check 'em out guys!

Hey guys, we haven't been checking activity levels as well as we should and that's about to change. We will be checking in the next day or so and opening roles.

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You heard the man, lets get a Lights up in here!

Anonymous asked:

Would you like a Lights?

Would you guys?

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You know who we'd love to see around here? Some of those British fuckers from You Me At Six! Come join our little family!

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